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Parkway Community Program’s mission statement Established in March of 2016: To feed, clothe, and support those in need regardless of their circumstances, without prejudice.

What we do

Parkway community programs provides healthy and nutritious meals to all who come through our doors, and recognizing the need, we deliver meals to those in our community that are unable to access food at our location. This is typically 85 deliveries and 30 walk ins. Our clothing ministry provides clothing for children and adults free of charge. Door to door transportation also provides assistance to people in reaching their destination for medical or physical needs, and or provide links to services in the community. We are committed to improving the quality of life and restoring the dignity of those we serve.

 Parkway Community program provides lightly used clothing for those in need. This clothing can be received during our Thursday meal time, 11am-1pm on Thursdays.